About Us

The Story...

Uniquely LD was developed by me, Karen Swinger, a divorced mom of a young adult who was diagnosed with a learning disability (auditory processing disorder) in Kindergarten. My mother instilled in me the importance of education. I grew up with a love of learning... so much so that I have 3 degrees, including an earned MBA.

Imagine my angst, then, when I received the diagnosis about my only child. 

A born problem solver, I set out to "fix" the problem. I spent thousands of dollars on private schools, speech and language pathologists, and tutors, yet still had to put in 2-3 hours every night just trying to help my son maintain his regular school work. Because I was so focused on his GPA, I totally neglected teaching  him basic life skills. Never even thought about it really.

My son graduated from high school with honors, It was fight. but we did it!

Can you picture the excitement we both had when I dropped him off at Purdue University? And the sheer disappointment when I had to pick him up at the end of his first semester because he flunked out. I had spent so much time helping him survive high school that I never taught him how to thrive in college. 

He simply wasn't ready.

Back at home and feeling the pressure of guilt, I resorted to what I knew best - problem solving. Through much trial and error I was able to  put together a savvy toolbox of activities, games and other resources to get my son engaged in learning the skills he needed to manage college life and being on his own. These are the same tools and activities in the 'Life Skills Success' subscription from Uniquely LD. 

My son is now gainfully employed, studying to become a certified personal trainer, has learned to cook, and is managing his own money. He still has trouble balancing a checkbook, but he is a whiz at online banking! 

Baby steps...

Life Skills Play a Critical Role in a Well-Rounded and Comprehensive Education

Money & Credit Management

Learn relevant financial skills like opening a bank account, managing salary, buying a car and avoiding debt.

Career & Employment

Learn to research job openings, resume writing, and the soft skills and work ethic needed to maintain a job.

Home Maintenance & Self-Care

Learn things like how to set up and maintain a household, get around (transportation), shopping and more.

Your child's future success starts with you.

Private high schools, colleges and employers are all prioritizing applicants that demonstrate capability in life skills instead of purely academic achievement. They recognize that holes in academic information are easily filled, while missing life skills are much harder to teach. 

A 'Life Skills Success' subscription from Uniquely LD will help your teen learn essential life skills... and position them for future success. Subscribe by the 20th to have this month's box delivered directly to your door.